Chris and Danica of Nadine Stay - We're opening a podcast recording studio available to the public in Lincoln, Nebraska! Record your podcast using our equipment and private space.

Chris and I were sitting in the living room browsing the internet and chatting about this and that. I got on Instagram and started mindlessly scrolling until I saw some friends of ours who snapped a photo of themselves recording a podcast. You see, I had been thinking about starting a podcast for Nadine Stay for a few months but I hadn’t pulled the trigger on purchasing the equipment or figuring out the logistics. It required a lot of research and I felt intimidated by the idea of sitting down and spending a few days dedicated to figuring that all out.

So when I saw that photo on Instagram of our friends with all that fancy podcast equipment, I thought to myself….if only there was some way I could rent that equipment from them and record my podcast in their space so I didn’t have to figure that all out myself. And then I had a major light bulb moment!

I looked up at Chris and said, “You know what we should do?? We should open a podcast recording studio in Lincoln that people could rent out and record their own podcasts using the studio’s equipment and space.” I was fully expecting Chris to say, “oh ya that’d be cool” and continue on with his internet reading. But instead he looked up at me, paused for a moment and then said “That’s actually a genius idea!!” Had he been any less excited about the idea, I’m sure we both would’ve thought nothing more of this studio space. But because he was intrigued and expressed interest in the idea, we sat in the living room for the next 4 hours talking details about how we could open a podcast recording studio.

At the end of the night, I looked at Chris and said, “Wait, how serious are you about actually starting this new business?” And he said, “oh 100%, I think we should do this!” In 4 hours we went from scrolling Instagram mindlessly to having a full business plan in place! It’s funny how God can spark a passion in us so quickly!

So this is the secret we’ve been hiding from you - we are opening a recording studio available to the public that’s tailored to podcasts and helping you get your message out into the world!

We just rented an office space in Lincoln Nebraska that will serve as our studio and over the next few months we will be updating it to match our aesthetic. We have a good bit of work ahead of us to prepare the studio, setup the equipment, and figure out the logistics but we cannot wait to get this studio up and running! If you’d like to see a glimpse of the the studio and the updates we’re making, or if you want to stay informed on when our opening day will be - follow the studio’s Instagram page @speakpodcaststudio.

BEFORE - snapped this photo of our studio space the day we signed the lease! We have lots of work ahead of us!

BEFORE - snapped this photo of our studio space the day we signed the lease! We have lots of work ahead of us!


As of right now, we are rapidly receiving boxes containing all the equipment we need and I’m making plans for the design of the studio, which will look dope if you ask me! We can’t wait to share more about our vision so don’t you worry, we’ll chat more about all of this soon!


Until next time,