A Gallery Of Our Work

both past and present

The Exterior

We were blissfully unaware of how much we were in over our heads, but I'm so glad for that! What started as a bright red house with green shutters has since transformed into a cozy cabin with an entryway that greets us with a warm welcome.

Date of Completion: December 2023

Living Room

This room is the sum of slow design. An accumulation of furniture, artwork, antiques, and textiles that I collected and made over time. Sometimes rooms take time, but the result is always worth the wait.

Date of Completion: September 2022

Primary Bedroom

With low 6.5ft ceilings, a small footprint, and little natural light, we had a challenge on how to maximize the existing space. With some creative solutions, the biggest pain points became the most charming parts of the room.

Date of Completion: March 2022

Laundry Room

What started as two tiny rooms with seven (SEVEN!!) doors, eventually turned into the most charming rustic room with richly textured wood walls, custom built cabinets, and the most jaw dropping basketweave brick floors. 

Date of Completion: April 2023

The Bathroom

With a complete gut and a 4 week deadline, we re-designed this bathroom to better suit our style and needs. Removing the dividing wall, relocating the toilet, and replacing every other surface allowed for a more functional and charming space. 

Date of Completion: March 2024

Home Office

While I love a white home, this room felt a little sterile - lacking depth and character. We rolled up our sleeves and focussed on building elements that added personality, functionality, and layers of interest.

Date of Completion: November 2019