Nadine Stay is an interior design resource dedicated to making design less intimidating and more inspiring.

 Everyone is
capable of creating
a beautiful home. 

capable of creating
a beautiful home. 

I'm Danica, founder of Nadine Stay. I'm on a mission to make design less intimidating and more inspiring. Less overwhelming and more approachable. To show that you are fully capable of creating a beautiful home.

With a degree in interior design and 10 years experience in design and home construction, I have a strong love for the home. My focus is on design fundamentals and home renovations. Here you'll find cosmetic recommendations like paint colors, finishes, and furniture layouts along with design principles like lighting guidelines and window treatment recommendations.  I like to peel back the layers of design and hyper-focus on each element to help homeowners better understand what makes good design. Because it's easy to look at a finished room and see the beauty, but it takes intentional evaluation and practice to dissect what you like, why you like it, and how you can replicate a similar look that's unique to you! 

Danica, founder of Nadine Stay, and her husband Chris.

In 2014 I graduated from college with a degree in interior design. Precisely 2 days later, I started my own business as a furniture refurbisher. I pooled together the money I received from graduation and I bought the tools necessary to do the job. An 8 foot solid oak dining table was my first project. I still remember selling that table and it took everything within me not to squeal with delight in front of my first customer. Shortly after, I signed up for every vendor fair near and far to sell my furniture. Thanks to being newlyweds, I was able to convince my husband Chris to help me load up the trailer every weekend and tag along. And while I loved it, my passion for interior design was unfulfilled. 

In 2016, Chris and I bought our first home which just so happened to be a fixer upper. With Chris' "can do" attitude and my "we'll just figure it out" mindset, we were eager to take on a complete gut project. It was my first opportunity to fully dive into design and my love for it was confirmed. In 2018 I began sharing the progress of our house projects online along with helpful resources, design guides, and furniture must have's. My goal has been, and continues to be, to demystify design because I know how overwhelming it can be when you're starting from scratch. I'm here to simplify the rules, to spark ideas, and to help build confidence within yourself. To show you that YOU are capable of creating a beautiful home.

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Danica, founder of Nadine Stay, and her husband Chris.