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I started this thing called Nadine Stay back in 2014 and consider it a HUGE blessing to be able to do what I love every single day! Plus I get to work in sweats so I don't hate that either. 

It's safe to say I love interior design but there's more to my story than just that...


In 2010 I walked through the door and stepped into my new dorm room for my freshman year of college. I was the most anxious I had ever been in my life and leaving everything I knew to move to another state for college was definitely a giant leap for a nervous girl like myself.

My 12ft x 12ft cement block dorm room with one window was far from fancy but it was a space that I could claim as my own. It was during my first year of college when I started to see the value of creating a comfortable space for myself. I wanted to create a place where I could be myself, relax, and recharge when life around me got overwhelming. I needed a safe haven – a place of retreat. 

I hung photos of friends and decorated my shelves with pieces that made me happy. Soon this tiny dungeon of a room started to become a place of comfort and rejuvenation for not only myself, but my friends as well.

This is why I run Nadine Stay every day – because no matter how outgoing or introverted you may be, everyone needs a retreat within your home where you can truly find comfort and peace. I’m not here to add to your collection of “things you don’t need” or clutter your brain with design do’s and don’ts. I just want to help you create a space within your home where you feel comfortable and at peace.




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