14 Free Vintage Art Digital Downloads & 3 Tips For Making Prints Look Like Originals


February 8, 2022

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  1. shari says:

    I didn’t receive the free prints. Can you help with that?

  2. mollie says:

    I am considering a digital download of a watercolor print. The frame I want to use has two pieces of glass, with the print "floating" between, in the frame. The original print is printed on 15 x 22 deckle edge paper. Is this paper suitable and, if so, where do I find the paper, in that size? I have found smaller, deckle edge paper but, noting in the size I am needing. TIA!

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi! What is the largest size you would recommend for printing without distorting the art?

  4. kathryn says:

    Hi! Do you have a link for the frame you used around the Nocturne print on your dresser? Did you print that one on fine art paper or canvas? Thanks so much!

  5. sen says:

    Hi Danica! I didn’t receive the free vintage arts 🙁

  6. kacie says:

    This might be a very stupid question, but how do you frame a canvas-wrapped print??

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