12 Faux Plants That Actually Look Real - Fiddle Leaf Fig, snake plant, succulents, and faux stems

Ok so the truth is that I have three real plants in the house and the rest are fake. I love real plants but the maintenance, attention, and sunlight that real plants require can get a little overwhelming. So for that reason I've invested in a lot of faux plants.

A bunch of you have been asking where you can find realistic faux plants online so I figured it would be fun to put together a list of my favorite faux plants that look pretty dang real!


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Fiddle leaf figs are kinda a big deal right now! They're a beautiful plant but I know a lot of people struggle to keep them alive. Here are some of my favorite faux fiddle leaf figs you can find online!


 +  Hobby Lobby - the plant in the picture above is our own and it's from Hobby Lobby. The leaves look fairly real but the branches are the most realistic! 

+ Nearly Natural - I haven't seen this one in person but I've heard great things about it! Plus I purchased a different faux plant from this brand and I was super pleased with the quality!

+ World Market - This one is a bit on the pricier side but it's 6 feet tall, beautiful, and has incredible reviews! 




I LOVE these plants! I have a real one and a fake one in our house right now! They require a lot of sunlight so if you want to put this plant in a dark corner, I'd suggest going the fake route. 


+ Nearly Natural - We bought the one above from Nearly Natural and it looks and feels so real! The company offers free shipping, and the reviews are spectacular!! I highly recommend this plant and brand! 

+ West Elm - If you want a smaller snake plant, West Elm has a great option! This one would be perfect for your coffee table or shelf! It comes in a cute pot and it even has realistic faux soil. 




I recently did my research to figure out how to plant real succulents correctly and more importantly - how to keep them alive. If you'd like to see what I learned you can check that out here. If you'd rather get fake ones you need to go to Hobby Lobby! I get all my fake succulents from Hobby Lobby and they look incredible! 

+ Air Plant from Hobby Lobby - This plant is fun to put in a really unique vase like this one here.

+ Succulent #1 from Hobby Lobby - I love the color of this succulent. Plus it feels super realistic!

+ Succulent #2 from Hobby Lobby - A great classic succulent with a deep green color.

+ Succulent #3 from Hobby Lobby - This is one of my favorites because it's full and incredibly realistic!



Sometimes you need to add a pop of color and if you don't have access to real stems, you made need a few fake ones. Again, Hobby Lobby is where it's at! Most of my stems come from there and they often offer 50% off floral stems so you should keep an eye out for those sales!

+ Monstera Leaf from Hobby Lobby - The stem and leaf are both super realistic! Plus the stem bends easily so you can create the shape you want.

+ Fern Spray from Hobby Lobby - Each spray comes with three leaves attached so I like to cut and separate them so they're a little less uniform.

+ Eucalyptus Stem from Hobby Lobby - Again, this stem comes in a bundle so I like to separate and shape them individually. 




There you have it - my 12 favorite faux plants that look pretty dang real!


Until next time,