My first attempt at a new year's resolution 2019 - 7 monthly goals to tackle this year! 96oz of water, get ready for the day (everyday), portion control, exercise 3 days a week, date night, wash our bedding twice a week, and clean the bathroom once a week.

Well I decided to join the cool club and do a new year’s resolution for the first time ever! (I should clarify - I’ve made business goals but I’ve never done personal resolutions so this is a first for me!) I’ve honestly never really been a fan of new year’s resolutions for a handful of reasons that I don’t need to get into today. But I’ve decided to set my opinions aside and make a few goals for myself this year!

Over the past few months I have continually thought of things that I wish I would do but I just haven’t gotten stubborn about actually doing the things. Like for example…I drink virtually no water…like ever…and I know it is absolutely terrible for my body! I’ve been telling myself I need to drink more water for the past 9 months and yet I continue to forget. I’ve also wanted to get in habit of washing our sheets and bedding every few days (our dog sleeps in our bed and it’s a hairy nightmare if we don’t wash our sheets for a week).

I have had so many random ideas like these and I realized that there’s no way I’m actually going to do them unless I get stubborn about it. So….I put together a list of 7 things I want to do this year. Instead of trying to do all 7 things at once (um hello that’s just asking for failure); I’ve decided to pick one thing to tackle a month and once I do all 7, I can decide which are most important to me to continue to do for the remainder of the year!

If you want to tag along and join me in any of these resolutions…I need all the support I can get!


- 96oz OF WATER A DAY -

First and foremost I need to get my water intake in check. I’m constantly hearing the benefits water has on your body - more energy, higher metabolism, more flexibility, helps clear skin, prevents headaches (something I suffer with a lot) and improves your immune system. I’m currently drinking somewhere between 8-24oz of water a day and I’d like to get that number up to 96oz. I’ll be using the My Water app to help track how much I’m drinking. This app is cool because it helps you set a personalized intake goal, reminds you to continue drinking throughout the day (you can customize the reminder frequency), and tracks how much water you’ve had on a daily basis. I’m very curious to see the impact this goal has on my body! I’ll report the outcome when I have one.



I work from home which means I almost never get ready for the day. I roll out of bed, brush my teeth, throw on my baggy sweatpants and call it a day. If anyone happens to stop by our house it’s a real embarrassment. Julia from Chris Loves Julia actually mentioned that she made it a goal of hers to get ready for the day before she starts working and I was intrigued by this goal! On the days that I do happen to do my makeup and get fully dressed I tend to be more productive and feel more comfortable. I’m actually kinda excited to give this resolution a try!



It wouldn’t be a true new year’s resolution unless I included something related to fitness. Two years ago I found out my thyroid levels were off. I was put on medication and since then I have really struggled with maintaining my weight. Almost instantly after starting the medication I gained 25 pounds and because of my pills it is now nearly impossible to lose that weight. From what I’ve read and heard, it sounds like I just have to be super rigid with what I eat and workout twice as long as what the average person without thyroid issues would need to do. (love that….)

I think I’ll be putting Chris in charge of meal planning (he’s much better at coming up with healthy meal options) and I will be managing my portion control with each meal. I don’t particularly love healthy food but I can manage…it’s the portion control that is going to be the most difficult. Fingers crossed I have enough will power to get me through March!



Because of my situation, I have a feeling that just eating healthy isn’t going to produce the results I’m hoping for. For the month of April I’m going to continue eating healthy and start exercising 3 days a week. Chris is a workout freak so I’m not worried about putting together a workout plan. If I just join him 3 days a week I will be plenty sore! I’ll most likely include running and some Crossfit workouts but I haven’t finalized any plans yet. P.S. my birthday is in April and I have every intention of breaking all rules for that day! #noshame



Chris and I are pretty good about making sure we’re spending lots of quality time with each other but we don’t go on “dates” all that much. We love to go do random things together but we rarely plan an evening out in advance. For the month of May I think it would be so fun to plan a date night once a week. We’re not fancy people so it won’t be anything too extravagant; but intentional one-on-one time outside of the house will be fun!



Ok I mentioned this goal earlier and I feel like you think this one is dumb. Let me explain. We have the most adorable dog on the planet and he quickly convinced us that we should let him sleep on our bed with us. Because of this unfortunate (but totally worth it) decision, we now have dog hair on our comforter and sheets. If we let it go too long we have a real hairy situation and it’s pretty gross. Washing our sheets and comforter twice a week will reduce the hair significantly and I might even sleep better so it’s a win-win!



This goal is purely out of necessity. I’ve said it before, but we really suck at cleaning. We do a thorough cleaning over the whole house every once in a while and it typically takes us 4-5 hours. It’s such an exhausting job that we neglect cleaning for weeks afterwards and the bathroom is the one room that gets neglected the most. If we can do a thorough scrub down in the bathroom once a week I think we’ll be in good shape. That might even motivate us to clean the rest of the house more often. Fingers crossed!

Once I’ve completed all 7 goals in 7 months, I’d like to pick the ones that matter the most to me and continue doing them for the remainder of the year. Something tells me I’m going to choose water, date night, and getting ready everyday but we’ll see!

And for real, I would absolutely love it if you joined me in tackling these goals. Pick one, do it with me for the month and tell me how it’s going!

I’ll keep you posted on how these resolutions go down!

Until next time,