Dear Danica, Are Black Windows Timeless Or A Fad?

Dear Danica

April 17, 2023

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  1. Sophie says:

    We have a new build in the south of france and i wanted to have light oak window frames, but the planning department imposed dark frames so i ended up with aluminium in a very dark grey. Its pretty, but i agree i don’t think its timeless and i think my house construction will be dated by it soon

  2. Melissa Skilly says:

    Danika- I have to respectfully disagree about black windows being timeless. In this new era and the ways that window makers CAN now do another color other than white- black windows – no doubt are going to become timeless. Black AND white have always been a timeless trim, so that is where we can agree to disagree! I I grew up with a Vietnam Vet that would literally never let us paint the walls anything but white!😂 When I moved into my own home- I basically painted every room a different color- 😍😬He called my beautiful creation “the clown” house! 🥴🤣 Now that I am building my dream home- I’m finding my roots- black windows, whitish walls- equals a new timeless classic! Probably gonna paint one or 2 walls black!

    • Liza says:

      Here’s my take on this: black gets warm in the sun. Windows used to be all wood, and much more susceptible to weather. That’s why in history windows were not painted black. Foolish use of color. Nowadays with fiberglass and clad windows the color is much less stressful on the window. Still, I would hesitate to use black in an extremely sunny area.

  3. Kay says:

    My husband and I recently stayed at Lake Yellowstone Hotel which was built in 1903 and had black sash windows. There were pictures in the lobby that showed the window sashes have been black since the day it opened. Although black window sashes aren’t typical in historic homes, I wouldn’t say they are a fad. Also, a truly white paint was pretty difficult to make and maintain without yellowing, so many homes had cream, colored, or wood stained window trim and sashes especially on historic homes. I would say purely white window sashes are a pretty recent design feature with the advent/ widespread use of fiberglass windows in the 1970-80’s. I’m just adding some unsolicited facts & advice – both are beautiful and like you said, window sash color should be determined by the overall design/ theme of the home. ☺️ you offer great advice and I have used your blog to help with several design decisions while renovating our 1919 home.

  4. Lynn Wege says:

    We are building a new cabin in the woods on a lake. Currently have decided on graphite siding and black windows. I love the look but concerned I’ll regret in years to come. We haven’t ordered anything. Just in the planning phase. I think Your windows would look better black. But maybe I’m just a black window person. Any help suggestions? I just don’t want to make a mistake with the color. It’s a big deal. The siding is Diamond Kote. So we can’t do like you did and paint 3 times.

  5. Mary Evers says:

    Great advice.
    There is an old Tudor in my neighborhood that has teal accents, including the windows.
    It’s beautiful. And so unexpected.

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