Dear Danica, How Can I Add Architectural Charm To My Split Level Exterior?

Dear Danica

July 10, 2023

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  1. Sheri says:

    I think it would look fantastic a uniform paint color. The example from Grace Start is brilliant.

  2. Kellie Z says:

    I really love the front porch idea. That would certainly make an architectural statement with that roof line. Hope they’re able to do that.
    If adding to the roof isn’t in the budget, extending the brick landing out to make a patio without the roof would look nice too.
    If affordable, I’d replace the concrete walkway with a wide brick walkway that goes straight out 10 feet or so from the bottom step, then turn it in an L or some other interesting shape keeping that same wide width over to the driveway. Adding a step or two down to the driveway if necessary. If that much brick is too expensive or you aren’t that fond of brick, you can pour a larger concrete path with a row of brick along each side that coordinates with the stairs. Plants around the walkway and across the front of the house would make the yard pretty and tie everything together.

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