Dear Danica, How Should I Style My Entry That Opens Directly Into My Living Room?

Dear Danica

April 3, 2023

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  1. Arlie says:

    Could you, or should you consider painting the interior side of the door closer to the color of the walls? I think the door wouldn’t look so "loud" that way. It might blend in more with the walls when it’s closed and your eye would go to the table you might be placing to the L and the small hutch and chair you have there on the R side instead of looking at the brown door. I love the color on the wall, the curtains, ottoman and couch color/legs.

  2. Hayley Lane says:

    Mary! Do you sell on Etsy? I am obsessed with the ottoman, pillows, curtains! all of it!

    • Mary Evers says:

      Thank you Hayley. I’m sorry I don’t sell anything on Etsy. I just sew because it’s more affordable than buying new.

  3. Mary Evers says:

    Hi Danica,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m blushing.
    I have been trying to collect artwork since I moved in last year. My intention was exactly as you suggested…art between the front door & the drapes. And a gallery above the chest & chair.
    It certainly takes time to collect that many pieces that speak to me & are meaningful.
    Once the art has been hung, I’ll decide if I still need a table or something next to the door. I may find I don’t need anything after all.
    And the ottoman was a Marketplace find that I reupholstered. I’m glad you liked it. I also sewed my drapes & most of the pillows.
    Thank you again for your sound advice.

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