Dear Danica, How Can We Make Our Big Window Feel More Private

Dear Danica

May 8, 2023

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  1. Cat says:
    1. Sheer white muslin curtains would not cut down on the light but would provide privacy during the day, then just close the heavier curtains at night.
    2. Agree with Robin, cover up the bottom of the window with cafe curtain style curtains or wooden shutter style window covers.
    3. Wire trellis and ivy outside (but not too dense obviously as that would cut the light).
    4. Reflective window tinting? Doesn’t look great from outside though as it looks mirrored. Doesn’t work at night either.
      Hmmm, can be tricky! Good luck to Hayley! Hope we see what she does.
  2. Hayley says:

    Thank you for this post, Danica! I can’t wait to get to work on this window, and appreciate your insight so much!

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