Notable Things: Flipping My Sleep Schedule, How To Fix Sticky Drawers, Linen Sheets, Cabinet Hardware Placement Guide, & More

Notable Things

February 28, 2023

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  1. cs says:

    Danica,Check out for custom linen Roman shades. I think their prices are great and they can make the size you need.

  2. emily says:

    I was just thinking about this post and how you had to set your alarm across the room. I was doing this for a while and it was working so well for me. But 5 ish months ago I had a baby and now every time I was shutting off my alarm I was STILL just grabbing my phone and hopping back in bed. So NOW I set my alarm across the room and I commit to setting my water bottle in the kitchen and if I want to go back to bed I have to grab my water from the kitchen. Super helpful!

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