I Tested 3 Ways To Keep A Bird Bath Clean


July 19, 2022

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  1. Janet White says:

    I received a nice birdbath for Mother’s Day. I got a solar powered fountain for it from Amazon. It’s a little too big. I need a solar fountain under 6” in circumference. Do you have a small one or any suggestions on where I might could get one. I love your algae experiment and after I get this one cleaned, I’ll use a solar fountain.

  2. Teresa Shephard says:

    Thank you ,i really appreciate all your findings. I think ill try the soler fountain.

  3. fairley says:

    I’ve used the solar fountain for 3 years! The birds love it! I loose to much water with the spray head caps, so I don’t even use them. We live in southeast Nebraska on a farm.

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