Boys Room Makeover Under $1,500

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September 27, 2022

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  1. hn says:

    Hi! LOVE this look for a little boys refresh! May I ask what ‘color’ the rug is? It looks more brown/blue in your picture and in the link the only thing compared would be khaki? Is this right?

  2. emily says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for ! Do you think black brown bookshelves would fit with it?

  3. liliya says:

    This room is AMAZING! Already purchased the rug, not I’m struggling to find curtains that would work with my white walls – green, brown, linen?

  4. rambling says:

    Danica! This is amazing! I have two little boys and I always love to see budget yet cool ideas for them that are elevated and not "themey". You would think it would be easy … it’s not always. I love this scheme. I’m also in the process of doing my sons’ shared bedroom and this has come just at the right time. Thank you x

    • Danica says:

      Thank you!! I know exactly what you mean…I love a "themeless" kids room! Hopefully this gives you some ideas for your sons’ room!

  5. ric says:

    This is SO good! And perfect timing…refreshing my fourth grader’s room as we speak! I always love your application of light and dark in these designs. Keeps things just a bit edgy, which I prefer. Thanks for another great design board!

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