February 26, 2018

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  1. For women woodworkers, the journey often begins with breaking down stereotypes and overcoming societal expectations. Whether it’s navigating the often-male-dominated spaces of workshops and lumberyards or facing skepticism and surprise from peers and customers, women in woodworking must often prove themselves and assert their skills and knowledge. However, these challenges only serve to strengthen their resolve and deepen their passion for the craft.

  2. Cjl says:

    I usually don’t post comments, but I just wanted to thank you for being awesome! I always feel that because I am a girl I am not supposed to enjoy woodworking but secretly I love it! Ever since I got my first hand sander I was hooked. I am married and my husband has a ( its better than it was) attitude. I don’t like that. I think if its worth doing you should do it well. Also you can save alot of money to repair or redo most items. I also hate them coming up to me at the home depot! Can I help you. Probably not. Lol!!! P.s. I just got my first router too! I love it! Take care , Chrissy

    • Danica says:

      So glad you’re doing what you love! It’s the most fulfilling feeling in the world to complete a project you didn’t think you could! 🙂

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