March 20, 2020

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  1. debra says:

    I just rubbed and buffed a Goodwill frame. There was paper on the back which hid a problem. Someone had glued the glass in with something horribly sticky. I removed it with Goo Gone. It was a sticky gooey mess. It could have been hot glue–I don’t know. It took a few hours to do. Then I chose a gold (Gold Leaf) and rubbed it on with my fingers and a small old paint brush. However it took a while, since I did back and front. After I was done, I realized that I was not breathing well. I should have used it in a more ventilated place.. I did not read all the directions first, stupid me. The stuff is also flammable. SO BEWARE! This product was around in the 70’s. It does a good job, however.

  2. Bhamini says:

    HI Nadine, I wanted to give a gold finish to a second hand mirror frame and I thought of using rub n Buff.To give it that antique finish , I have Annie Sloane athenic black chalk paint left. Could I first paint the black chalk paint over the wooden frame and then apply gold leaf Rub n Buff for the antique gold finish?the mirror frame is currently copper in color.I am a beginner and this project will redo my console mirror so need your advice.ThanksBhamini

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