Look For Less | DIY Paper Mache Bowl and Vase (Beginner Friendly)


August 10, 2021

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  1. Juliem says:

    Thank you for providing this info. because I was literally just thinking how much O would love a paper mache bowl, but I refuse to spend a fortune on a craft we did as children maybe just not in this shape. I did want tell you about something regarding using dried florals since you also mentioned going that route.. I started looking into dried florals in the spring because I don’t love the look of most faux ones. I soon discovered most of the companies that sell these spray some not so good dyes and toxic stuff on these to try to help them keep longer. I am not talking about hairspray because I know that is how some individuals try to make them last longer especially if the florals will be in the sunlight since that can really make them fade. You usually cannot detect these toxic sprays by looking. If you have pets, it can be very dangerous for them. Also, popular plants like Eucalyptus that are toxic to dogs and cats are still toxic to them even if they are dry.
    I spent a decent amount of dried florals with Roxy’s, which now provides some dried stems and bunches for Anthropology. I emailed them twice trying to find out if they use toxins on their dried florals, and they wouldn’t answer me, which probably means the affirmative.
    I am just telling you this, so you are aware and can act with information. These toxins are harmful to humans and animals. I am personally going to look to Etsy sellers who are more likely to answer my questions honestly.

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