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May 4, 2021

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  1. anne says:

    This was NOT my experience with Maiden Home sadly. I had pilling fabric, saggy pillows, and seat cushions that didn’t fit. Customer service when you have an issue is not great. It’s been almost a year and my issues are still not resolved.

  2. the says:

    Hi Danica. I am debating between a Maiden home sofa and SixPenny. Do you have any experience with that company? Thanks – Wendy

    • Danica says:

      I don’t have any personal experience with Sixpenny but I’ve heard good things. As for Maiden Home, I’d recommend them over and over again! 🙂

  3. cheri says:

    Thx for your comments but our experience does not reflect what you’ve written here: We were so excited when we ordered our new couch and were looking forward to it. However, when the couch arrived, it was nothing like it was promised. The couch was delivered a week later than expected which was less than ideal but we were ok with. When it was finally delivered, there were 2 delivery people who never asked to take their shoes off when entering our residence. They stomped all over our new rug with their dirty shoes. They did not seem to know what they were doing and were justly struggling and yelling at each other. They also told us they placed wrong screws in incorrect places but not to worry because they “should hold.” They did not clean up afterwards nor did they set up the pillows as promised. They even left garbage as they rushed out the door. A “white-glove” installation was promised on-line. This was far from it! After they left, we realized they had scratched up our hardwood floor and even made a deep dent it in that they never told us about! And on top of that, they didn’t even have the complete delivery (one other side of the couch cushion was not delivered)! The furniture is nice but the table end of the couch had significant scratches on it. We called and emailed Maiden Home immediately but so far have not gotten any fruitful responses. They don’t seem to care about the floor damage or that the delivery was suboptimal. For the amount of money we spent, we had high expectations. Instead we are quite disappointed with the entire process. I would not recommend this to anyone!

  4. emilee says:

    After my recent experience with Maiden, I am nervous to order from them. There are price discrepancies for the item I want to order and their customer service team was rude and talked over me when I tried to explain that there are 3 different prices being quoted for the exact same item! I was told its a website “glitch” and that the actual price of the sofa I want is more than what the website shows. Website shows $5425. By text customer service told me more than once it’s actually $5500 list price and by phone/email yet another customer service rep told me its even more- $5550! I told her I don’t trust these seemingly arbitrary price discrepancies and she said the higher price IS the price, doesnt matter what the website says or the other customer service rep says- the highest price stands.
    If they can’t even get their story straight on the pricing, how are they gojng to get my order right? if they seem to just change their pricing arbitrarily and not honor whats written on their website- why would I trust that they are going to honor ANY of the written policies or product information on their website. Seems like they put out false information and then cal it a ”glitch” and the customer is the one who suffers for it. Untrustworthy company!

  5. Danica says:

    I have had an absolutely horrible time with delays related to my sofa and ottoman purchase that I made back in June. Never again, for real.

    • Danica says:

      I’m sorry to hear that! Unfortunately most furniture companies are experiencing unexpected delays due to material shortages so this is a nationwide issue, not just with Maiden Home. I’d recommend checking out quick ship furniture if timing is important. Typically quick ship furniture isn’t made to order so it should take several weeks to ship opposed to several months. I hope you receive your furniture soon!

  6. rebecca says:

    I can’t say I had the same wonderful experience. While the quality of our Warren sectional is amazing (we chose the velvet in Flannel which is a gorgeous slate blue), manufacturing/delivery took 3 months longer than anticipated. When the delivery crew got here, they put the sofa in place but then had no idea how to connect the two arms of the sectional together, so now I essentially have two floating sectional pieces. I called Maiden Home and am still waiting to hear back.

    • Danica says:

      Oh that’s unfortunate! I know most furniture companies are experiencing longer than usual lead times and delays for a few reasons out of their control, but I’m glad to hear the quality of the sofa is great!

  7. Cahmadza says:

    Hi Danica! I’m interested in buying a sofa from maiden home and am looking into upgrading the sofa cushions to a 3 seater instead of 2 only because I’m worried about how it might feel if a third person sits in the middle of the sofa. Do you mind giving me feedback on how it feels to sit in the middle where the two cushion lines meet? Thank you !

    • Danica says:

      Hi Christina! It’s certainly not uncomfortable or awkward to sit in the middle, however being that it’s just the two of us, we rarely sit there. You can also upgrade almost any Maiden Home sofa to a bench seat cushion so there aren’t any cushion seams. Just email them for a quote!

  8. Kim says:

    This is super helpful! I ordered this same sofa but while I’m waiting for delivery I occasionally become filled with anxiety haha. I got the same fabric but in a light grey. My worries come in two varieties: that it will be too textured/pill easily, and that the sofa will be too shallow. I debated the Sullivan but I think it’s a little too wide for my front door and a little too tall for the only possible placement in my living room (in front of a big picture window). So your post is reassuring!

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